Our Services

Here at Nice Guys TV Mountings in Inverness, Alabama we take pride in bringing you quality services at a fair price.

TV Setup and Mounting Services:

Our namesake service. Whether you have a 32" TV or a 100" TV, we can mount it safely and professionally. Sheetrock, brick, stone, concrete, tile, plaster, we have done them all. Here at Nice Guys TV Mountings, hiding of the wires is not optional. We won't leave wires dangling and in-wall wiring is always done safely and up to code. Don't let those other guys keep hiding power extension cords in your walls! Get your TV mounting done right the first time with us!

Home Theater Design and Installation:

Have a room in your home that you dream about turning into an awesome home theater? Well dream no longer my friends. We can help turn that dream into a reality and that unfinished room into a stunning Home Theater. But beware! You may love it so much, you may never leave home again! Ohh and if you have shied away from building a home theater in the past because of their complexity, there are now amazing options that are simple to use for the whole family. Ask us about the new Ultra Short Throw Projectors and wireless surround sound!

Whole Home WiFi Services Featuring Eero:

Building a solid WIFI infrastructure in your home is the first and most important upgrade you can do for your home. Everything runs off of WIFI nowadays. Whether you want to ditch cable and start streaming off of every TV, stream music in every room with Sonos, put Ring cameras up around the house, or just have a super solid connection for gaming, we can get your house ready for all of that and much more. This should be the first project you consider before doing anything else technology related in your home.

Whole Home Audio Services Featuring SONOS:

Streaming music in every room of your home has never been easier. Let us plan the perfect Sonos system to fit your home. Control everything off of one single app. When we are done setting Sonos up, we will then proceed to teach you and your family how to use Sonos like a pro.

Residential Security Camera Services Featuring Ring:

What is one of the easiest ways to protect your family, your home, and all your cool new stuff? Ring Cameras, that's how! You have probably heard of the Ring Doorbell. But you may not know that Ring makes a fantastic line of indoor and outdoor cameras. We do a lot of the outdoor cameras with the Ring Solar Panels. This way you don't have to climb up a ladder, take the camera down, pop out the battery, bring it inside to charge it, and then go back up the ladder to reattach the camera. Ring outdoor cameras paired with the Ring Solar Panels make that process a thing of the past. When we are done setting up your new Ring system, we will then proceed to teach you and your family how to use Ring like a Pro.

Custom Applications:

If you want us to do something you do not see on the list please don’t hesitate to ask us about it. Most custom services will require an In Home Consultation visit.

Commercial Services Section:

Commercial services require a consultation for accurate pricing.